Salesforce Platform Developer I Practice Exams

4 full length + 4 topic level Salesforce Platform Developer I practice exams.

Practice makes perfect and Salesforce exams are notoriously tricky. That’s why we’ve created our practice exam pack to help you prepare, test your knowledge and gain confidence.

Here are some of my top tips to keep in mind when studying for and taking the exam – use them during these practice exams to get comfortable using them so you can stay calm when exam day arrives!

Focus on the big topics

Taking the Salesforce Platform Developer I exam is not just about getting certified. Studying for the exam is about learning the skills needed to become a daring Developer that can provide true value to a business. This means it’s important to study all the topics and hone your skills. That said, be sure to pay special attention to the big topics with the highest weightings as you can expect a lot more questions on these.

Pay attention to the question and read it twice

When taking the exam, pay particular attention to the question, and read it through a few times. For the scenario-based questions, there will be clues in the answer that provide hints to the correct answer. Keep an eye out for keywords that would eliminate certain answers.

If you are taking the test onsite, you can use the pencil and paper provided to draw out a data schema, role hierarchy, or any other diagram that will help you visualize the answer.

Read every answer twice

You should read every answer carefully and at least twice. It can be easy to skim the answers and accidentally choose the wrong answer because they look similar. 

Eliminate the obviously wrong answers

When deciding on the answer, be sure to use the process of elimination to get rid of the answers that are definitely incorrect. Salesforce likes to throw in answers that are made-up features or just plain incorrect. They also like to throw in curveballs, such as features that appear to be correct but aren’t best practices. 

You can often disqualify these by focusing on standard Salesforce features that accomplish a task. For example, you could build a custom approval process with Process Builder, but why do this when there is the standard Approval Process feature available?

Mark for review

You have a great tool at your disposal, the “Mark for review” feature. On each question, you will have a checkbox that you can mark so you can come back to the question easily later. This is great if you cannot think of an answer right at that moment, or if you are unsure about your answer. We also include this feature in our practice exams!

Look for clues that might help answer earlier questions

As you move through the exam, you might come across questions and answers that help you identify the correct answer to an earlier question! 

Try to go through the full exam twice

Keep the momentum going on your first pass through the exam: don’t dawdle over questions you have no idea about and use the “Mark for review” feature heavily, then move on to the next question. This should allow enough time for you to go through the exam a second time. 

Stick with your first answer

If in doubt, stick with your initial answer. With the limited time available to you, if you don’t feel any more confident on your second pass through the exam, then stick with your original answer and move on. 

Use all your time

If you follow these tips there’s no chance you won’t use all the time! Give yourself the greatest chance of success by carefully reading each question and answer and going through the exam twice.

Focus your studies using section-level scoring

At the end of each full practice exam, we provide section-level scoring. Pay attention to the areas you are scoring poorly (or lower than you would like) and focus your studies here.

Ready to get Salesforce certified? Let’s get started.

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Andrew Cook

Andrew is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. As a 15 x certified Salesforce Professional, he's passionate about using his vast experience working in various industries and using different products, to help people increase their knowledge of Salesforce.

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  1. I just took exam 1 and 1) the exam asked the same question back-to-back on several occasions. Additionally, on the feedback, I was given reasons that were unrelated to the question that I answered. Can someone proofread the exams to clear up these mistakes? I appreciate the knowledge in the SalesforceBen site, which is why I invested in this course, but it is not helping me in the current state.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Exam 1, questions 12 and 30 seem to be wrong:
    – an Integer (for a count for example) can be returned. I thought boolean was the answer.
    – to search across multiple objects, we use SOSL, so A. The answer D is wrong since it include all rows (which is for soql from the bin)

  3. I am unable to access the questions for Testing, Debugging and Deployment. I choose one of the radio buttons to show answers after each question and the screen is blank. Tried on chrome and edge. Please assist.

  4. Hey Andrew, the 3rd exam contains only 58 questions, is it intended? Also I couldn’t submit the 4th answer, because there wasn’t a check button (the one, where you need to order the items)

  5. On Exam 4, this question has two answers that are exactly the same (one is right and the other is wrong).

    Cloudy Computing has an integration with an external system with parent records in Salesforce. The data set gives a foreign key attribute to identify the parent rather than the Salesforce ID. What will allow a Developer to relate records in the data model without knowing the Salesforce ID?

  6. On exam 4, this question has an incorrect answer. It conflicts with the description provided below:

    Between which source and destination pairs can change sets be sent and received?

  7. Hello Andrew,
    I just concluded the practice test 1 and the question 44 has explanations of solutions not listed in the question. Could you go through it please.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. There are a lot of errors in the test. Here are a list for exam 4. It would be helpful that you came back rapidly because I have a doubt on one of them and need to. be sure before the certification test tomorrow. Thanks

    21: I got this wrong because you asked for 3. It seems like it should be 2, right?
    24: Your answer seems to be wrong and I have the right one. It is indeed a list variable that is referenced …
    37: Your answers and the help indicate that the answer should probably be “run specified test” but now I am not sure.
    52: Not sure if this is supposed to be choose 2 or 3 and/or the answers are wrong.

    1. Hi Stuart,

      There some to have been some issues with the questions being uploaded into our backend.

      21: Now asks for 2 answers
      24: Updated to show the correct SOQL syntax
      37: This answers have been updated to be less confusing and include more of the specific wording you see within Salesforce
      52: Now asks for 3 answers

      I am currently reviewing all of our questions in this exam pack to resolve any more issues like this.

  9. Hi Andrew,
    Test no. 2 question no. 56 which is related to WEATHER APP have 2 same answers. On that question all 4 answers must be different. Can you please look into this.

      1. Hi Andrew,
        In test 4 there was a question “Which statement should be used to allow some of the records in a list of records to be inserted if others fail to be inserted?” this question’s answer should be Database.Insert(records, false) but its correct answer is showing is showing insert(records, false).

      2. Same for below question also.
        Cloudy Computing has a record-triggered flow that updates the value of a custom field for an existing Contact. How can a Developer access the updated custom field value from a trigger?
        Correct Answer: Write after trigger and access the value from trigger.old
        Answer showing: write before trigger and access value from

  10. Good morning Andrew, please am stuck on the User Interface exercise and there is no way to continue answering the questions or starting all over. It’s the same situation for the Process automation exercise. I stopped answering the questions on them half way but I’ve not been able to continue or restart them. It’s been more than 2 weeks now and I was hoping the problem would resolve itself but it still persists. Thanks in advance for your intervention

      1. Hi Christine,
        I have cleared my browser severally as you suggested but the issue remains. I tried on my laptop, IPhone and Android and even from my office laptop but it’s still the same

  11. Hey, Andrew and Christine! It seems like Exam 3 is not working. After starting the exam, the timer is just ticking, but no questions are being shown. Can your team kindly check this issue, please? Thank you.

  12. Couldn’t clear certification today. Do you know what is the cut off for PD1 – (I scored 66%).
    Was in assumption 65% is passing marks. Didn’t get much help from this course 🙁

    Exam: Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
    Result: FAIL
    Date Completed: 27 August 2023
    Section-Level Scoring:
    Developer Fundamentals: 50%
    Process Automation and Logic: 66%
    User Interface: 73%
    Testing, Debugging, and Deployment: 76%