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Slack Certified Admin Course + Practice Exams

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The Slack Certified Admin exam is meant to confirm your abilities and what you’ve learned as a Slack Administrator to enhance your team’s experience. We suggest thoroughly going through this page to ensure you’re prepared for the exam.

Becoming certified allows you to demonstrate your understanding of Slack’s features and how to utilize them to create a better and more efficient experience for your team.

About the Slack Administrator Exam

  • The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions.
  • You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • The passing score is 64%.
  • The exam costs $150 to take, and retakes cost $75.
  • The exam can only be taken online.
  • There are no prerequisites to take this exam.

Who Is the Slack Administrator Exam For?

The Slack Certified Administrator exam is designed for individuals who work as Slack Administrators or aspire to become one. It’s intended for those who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in implementing, configuring, and managing Slack to enhance the experience of their teams.

This certification is valuable for individuals who work with various Slack plans, including Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid, and are responsible for recommending policies, settings, features, and best practices. Typically, candidates for this exam should have some real-world experience as a Slack Administrator and be familiar with key aspects of Slack administration.

The exam is split into seven topics:

  1. Fundamentals (9%)
  2. Workspace Administration (9%)
  3. Channel and User Group Administration (28%)
  4. User Lifecycle Management (14%)
  5. App Administration (10%)
  6. Security (15%)
  7. Enabling Slack Success (15%)