Introduction to Salesforce SOQL Course


This course will teach you the fundamentals needed to write SOQL queries using Workbench and Apex. It’s perfect for beginners, including Admins or aspiring Salesforce Developers. 

We will start at the very beginning, explaining concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, with plenty of practical application. 

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This course is designed to teach you SOQL from the ground up. No prior coding experience needed.

The course has been designed with Admins and aspiring Developers in mind, with each concept thoroughly explained, accompanying code examples, plus exercises for you to practice writing code. 

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Course Instructor

Luke Freeland  is a 15 X certified Salesforce Architect and full-stack Developer who provides Salesforce technical consulting services out of his company, Metillium, Inc. He has been developing and creating custom Salesforce applications since 2011.

Luke is the co-founder of Slackforce and leader of the Rochester, NY Salesforce Developer Group.

"Luke’s knowledge of both general coding practice and the Salesforce ecosystem is top-notch. With his help over the years, I was able to enter the programming world professionally without a college degree."
Wes Lyons

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Ben is the #1 community resource for Salesforce content and is trusted around the world. We are known for delivering concise, easy to understand training material, brought to you by a team with 20+ years’ combined Salesforce experience. 

This course is aimed at anyone that wants to learn Salesforce SOQL; this course will give you a solid and thorough grounding in the fundamentals, best practices, and considerations. 

By the end of this course, a student will know how to read and write SOQL queries using Workbench and Apex.

One will know how to use required clauses, filter by multiple conditions, and sort results.

These are broken up into multiple lessons with many examples and many exercises to reinforce one’s learning.

We’ve gathered all the information you need in one place and arranged them in a logical order. 

We also make sure we cover the best practices and considerations you need to be aware of, to ensure code that won’t cause technical debt. 

Salesforce is an ever-changing technology with 3 releases per year and you must be confident that the resources you use are accurate and up to date. We update our course after each release, so you know you’ll always have the right information at your fingertips. 

Your purchase includes access to the Introduction to Salesforce SOQL Course for 12 months. 

We update the course shortly after each new release to reflect any changes, enhancements or new features. These updates are included in the cost of your purchase.

At Salesforce Ben we strive to keep our content up to date in line with the latest Salesforce release. We update each course and practice exam shortly after each new release. These updates are included in the cost of your purchase.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided that no more than 25% of the course has been completed. If 25% or more has been completed, or the refund request is outside the initial 30-day period, we are unable to offer a refund.