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Introduction to Salesforce SOQL Course

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  1. Welcome to Salesforce Ben Courses
    1 Topic
  2. Introduction & Database Background
    2 Topics
  3. Standard Object Query Language (SOQL)
    13 Topics
  4. Additional Filtering
    6 Topics
  5. Order By & Limit
    5 Topics
  6. Related Records
    10 Topics
  7. Aggregate Queries
    10 Topics
  8. SOQL in Apex
    10 Topics
  9. Best Practices
    7 Topics
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Welcome to Salesforce Ben Courses! We are so thrilled to have you here and hope that we can help you upskill and advance your Salesforce career.

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Our courses are “freeform”, meaning you can take them in whatever order you like! You don’t have to do them in the order set out in Course Content but it is often useful to do them in this order as lessons and topics will build upon each other.

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Materials Tab

When we have additional recommend resources for you, you’ll see the “Materials” tab is available. We might include links to other relevant Salesforce Ben guides, Salesforce Help articles, Trailhead modules and more.

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Written Lessons & Videos

To support all learning styles, we’ve provided the course in written and video formats. You can choose to read the written guides, watch the videos, or even better – both!

You’ll also find a walk through of the exercises as a video and as flip cards. We recommend you to try the exercises yourself first and then watch the video tutorial and explanation.


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