Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course

Complete guide to learning Salesforce Flow for beginner and intermediate users.
Tim Combridge · May 3, 2022

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Tim Combridge

Tim Combridge is an enthusiastic Functional Consultant with a passion for all things Salesforce and loves to share his passion with others.

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  1. Quick notification about a typo. In the section Working With Data Elements, in the Create Element sub-section, one of the paragraph headers reads “When to Use a Get Element,” when it should read “When to Use a Create Element.”

  2. Hi Tim – Admittedly, I am new to Flow but not the platform. In the Screen Flow exercise to create an Opportunity from the Case record, I cannot get the Opportunity Name and Account Name to populate upon Debug unless a recordid is used. Initiating the Flow from the Case, they are also blank. All values on the Screen element are spot on. What I cannot examine in your solution is the Insert_Opportunity Create element. Perhaps this is where the issue lies. Any assistance that could be provided is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello, I have some issues with the first exercise as well. My action somehow instead of appearing on the case page …is next to Poll in the Feed tab on a case and when I press finish it creates Cases, not opportunities. Thank you

      1. so it seems that when feed tracking is enabled for cases or work orders, the page-level action menu on those records contains only custom buttons and supported standard buttons. Quick actions appear on the Chatter tab.

    1. Hi Raquel,

      This is a very difficult questions to answer as our courses are designed to be self-paced. Time to complete will depend on factors such as the level of experience you have either with Salesforce Flow, OR as a developer, OR as an Apex Developer, OR with Process Builder… In theory, you could complete the course in a few days or in a few months if you only have an hour a week for study.

  3. Hello! LESSON 7, TOPIC 2 the video references a Case of Origin field on the Opportunity object but I see no mention of it prior to – what should the specs be for that field? Thanks!