Salesforce Associate Practice Exams

3 full length + 4 topic level Salesforce Associate practice exams.

Practice makes perfect and Salesforce exams are notoriously tricky. That’s why we’ve created our practice exam pack to help you prepare, test your knowledge and gain confidence.

Here are some of my top tips to keep in mind when studying for and taking the exam – use them during these practice exams to get comfortable using them so you can stay calm when exam day arrives!

Focus on the Big Topics

Taking the Salesforce Associate exam is not just about getting certified. Studying for the exam is about gaining foundational knowledge that will prepare you for a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem. This means it’s important to study all the topics and hone your skills. That said, be sure to pay special attention to the big topics with the highest weightings as you can expect a lot more questions on these.

Pay Attention to the Question and Read It Twice

When taking the exam, pay particular attention to the question, and read it through a few times. For the scenario-based questions, there will be clues in the answer that provide hints to the correct answer. Keep an eye out for keywords that would eliminate certain answers.

If you are taking the test onsite, you can use the pencil and paper provided to draw out a data schema, role hierarchy, or any other diagram that will help you visualize the answer.

Read Every Answer Twice

You should read every answer carefully and at least twice. It can be easy to skim the answers and accidentally choose the wrong answer because they look similar. 

Eliminate the Obviously Wrong Answers

When deciding on the answer, be sure to use the process of elimination to get rid of the answers that are definitely incorrect. Salesforce likes to throw in answers that are made-up features or just plain incorrect. They also like to throw in curveballs, such as features that appear to be correct but aren’t best practices. 

You can often disqualify these by focusing on standard Salesforce features that accomplish a task. For example, you could build a custom approval process with Process Builder, but why do this when there is the standard Approval Process feature available?

Mark for Review

You have a great tool at your disposal, the “Mark for review” feature. On each question, you will have a checkbox that you can mark so you can come back to the question easily later. This is great if you cannot think of an answer right at that moment, or if you are unsure about your answer. We also include this feature in our practice exams!

Look for Clues That Might Help Answer Earlier Questions

As you move through the exam, you might come across questions and answers that help you identify the correct answer to an earlier question! 

Try to Go Through the Full Exam Twice

Keep the momentum going on your first pass through the exam – don’t dawdle over questions you have no idea about and use the “Mark for review” feature heavily, then move on to the next question. This should allow enough time for you to go through the exam a second time. 

Stick With Your First Answer

If in doubt, stick with your initial answer. With the limited time available to you, if you don’t feel any more confident on your second pass through the exam, then stick with your original answer and move on. 

Use All Your Time

If you follow these tips there’s no chance you won’t use all the time! Give yourself the greatest chance of success by carefully reading each question and answer and going through the exam twice.

Focus Your Studies Using Section-Level Scoring

At the end of each full practice exam, we provide section-level scoring. Pay attention to the areas you are scoring poorly (or lower than you would like) and focus your studies here.

Ready to get Salesforce certified? Let’s get started.

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Christine Marshall

Christine is the Courses and Community Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 11 x certified Salesforce MVP, regular speaker at Salesforce events, and leads the Bristol Salesforce Admin group.

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  1. As a totally new trailblazer looking for resources in order to prepare for Associate and Admininistrator certifications, this is pure gold.

    Thanks a lot for the work accomplished to deliver this course Christine !

  2. Hi! I’m fairly new to Salesforce. What would be the some benefits in taking the Associate Certification if it is not a prerequisite to the Admin Certification? By the way, thank you for these practice exam questions. I really appreciate it! More power to you all!

  3. Thank you Christine – that was very helpful!
    I’m confident I’ll be able to pass the exam on March 31st.
    The associate certification is a great idea – will give me something substantive with which to begin my job search while I move on to the admin cert… ( 8>{D ]

    1. Hy have you got the same questions that we completed in the quizzes or totally differnt questions.If i complete all the quizzes will i be able to complte my certificate exam

  4. Thank you Christine – the content was excellent and has prepared me very well for the Exam. I am happy to report that I have achieved this cert and have just now registered for another training course. Keep doing what you do, it is a winning formula.

  5. Hello Christine,
    Thanks so much for this detailed course, it’s been beneficial to my prep for the Exam! I’ve come across some complications where I have been unable to move forward in an exam as it only shows the “back” option when resuming. Also, I was able to view test scores post completion, but I am unable to go back and view the scores/only option that shows up is to start a new test.
    Would love your help on this. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Thanks Christine and Salesforce Ben for providing these free resources to help me get my certificate. I would strongly recommend to others the enormous benefits of going through this course.

    1. All of our questions are 100% original and are NOT from the official Salesforce exam. These questions are designed to test you on the types of features you’ll be expected to know and are written in the same style as the official exam.

  7. Hi Christine, thank you for this really amazing content. Would you say that the questions presented in your quiz are likely to be similar to the real thing, i.e. if we do well enough answering your questions – we should be good to go with the actual exam or would you recommend additional study, like the Trailheads?

    1. Thank you! I would say that based on my personal experience taking the exam, my practice questions may be a bit harder than the real thing. Many learners are reporting using these practice questions and passing the real exam, so I beleive that if you are scoring highly on my exams you are probably ready to take the real thing!

  8. Hi Christine, I’m happy to share that I passed the Associate Certification exam. I already have the Admin certification but your course was very useful in preparing for the exam. Thank you very much!

    1. Could you let me know where you are looking? Courses are avialble via My Courses, which should be where you land when you log in. When you click on a course, it will take you to the course overview where you can choose your exam or lesson. If it helps, send me a screenshot of where you are looking to so I can help you further.

  9. Hi Christine, these were fantastic, I reviewed everything a couple of times this week, before today’s exam. I passed! Thank you. These prep questions were just what I needed to help set me up for the real exam.

  10. I passed my exam a few days ago and used this as my main prep. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site. I found the explanations very detailed. I also liked that there were links readily available to brush up on concepts. The questions were also formatted similarly to the real exam. If I do decide to proceed with the Admin, I’m definitely going to utilize this source. It’s in-depth, easy to navigate, and overall very helpful.

  11. Thanks a lot, to the people at SalesforceBen & Christine for this course. The sample exam questions helped me to prepare for the certification and I am writing this right now just after getting this certificate. Looking forward to more Salesforce content from you guys, cheers!!

  12. I have done my test last friday, may 6th ,and it was quite similar to the questions on the exam in here, actually there was 5 questions on the real exam exactly the same that in here.

    Thank u for the help!!!!

  13. Christine, that was very helpful for understanding Salesforce in general. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Salesforce and prepare for the certs 🙂

  14. Hi Christine ,thankyou so much for all the efforts you put in this topic.I have completed my practice and got my certification in this site but unfortuantely when I applied online with free coupon code to complete my associate certification forgot to checkout in webassesor. Today I have to give my exam but I did not get any confirmation from the site. Is there any way to consider me. If not any coupons available kindly help me.

      1. Hi Christine ,
        thank you so much for all the suggestions and tips to pass the Associate exam. I am happy to share with you that I passed my Associate exam and got the certificate and eagerly waiting to learn more knowledge and achieve the goal

    1. MY Result
      Section-Level Scoring:
      Salesforce Ecosystem: 84%
      Navigation: 63%
      Data Model: 70%
      Reports & Dashboards: 66%
      Some questions
      Q. What type of file format when we export areort>>
      Q. How many MAX rows can be displayed on a report?
      **Some questions looks easy but the scenario was bit tricky.

  15. This course is highly informative and perfectly caters to individuals with various levels of ecosystem knowledge who are gearing up for the Salesforce Associate exam. The creators have undoubtedly put immense effort into crafting this invaluable resource. I cannot thank them enough for their exceptional work and for making it available.

  16. I have completed my admin certification and now I’m preparing for the associate certification. I’m quite anxious about being able to pass it on my first attempt. Do you have any tips to help me overcome my nervousness and improve my chances of success?

  17. Hello Christine, I must express my admiration for the incredible work you do on this platform. Thanks to your practice questions, I was able to prepare for the Salesforce Associate Exam in just three days at my university library. I approached the exam with confidence and completed it in less than half the allotted time. I felt unstoppable, more like the Ronaldo and Halland of Salesforce! A whooping 90%

  18. Hi Christine,

    I am new to saleforce and want to apply for associate exam and looking for a dump. Got redirected to this course and i am happy and hoping that this course will help me to pass my first certification exam.

    Thank u so much..

    1. All of our practice exam questions are original and will not appear on the official Salesforce exam. Our practice questions are written in a similar style and format, to help you get comfortable with the type of questions and answers you can expect. We hope it helps with your exam preperation!

    1. Hi Ish,

      All of our practice exam questions are original and will not appear on the official Salesforce exam. Our practice questions are written in a similar style and format, to help you get comfortable with the type of questions and answers you can expect.

  19. l love the modules and thank you for all your help, some of the questions in the Associate exam were 100% similar, word by word to what is offered here and the rest were similar, just different names were used on the questions. Thanks again for all you help and on to the next Certificates (Admin then PAB), you offer those here, right?

  20. Really great content that certainly helped me in PASSING my Associate Certification exam last week! If I could emphasize anything – make sure you not only know the right answer but also know why the other answers are wrong. 🙂

  21. Hi Christine, many thanks for this very valuable course ! I did some quiz but unfortunately when I try to do more, there is no button “next” after each question, I can only come back but not validate my answer. I tried to refresh and relog several times but it doesn’t work.
    Many thanks for your help 🙂

  22. Hi! This course really helped me a lot and I’m definitely going to use this site as a resource. I am having problems getting the Reports & Dashboard Quiz to record my score. Is there a way to reset it. I’ve cleared my cache, tried a new browser but there is no completed button. Pls help! Thanks

  23. Hey Christine. Just finished the practice exams and I thought it was really well put together. There was a bit of a glitch before I could finish the first one, but it could have been my internet speed, Will look to take the exam on Saturday.

  24. Love the quizzes very well done. I did have possibly 1 correction though. On quiz 3, question 38 about selecting what is not an example of metadata, it says the correct answer is “First Name”. When you visit the Trailhead named “Get Started with Custom Metadata Types” in the Introduction paragraph it specifically says “Field names, such as first name and last name are metadata. The values in those fields, for example, Amy and Lane are data.”. This seems rather conflicting and confusing based on the wording. Great quizzes all around though.

  25. Hi Christine! Thank you for putting these practice exams together. It was structured nicely and really similar to the real exam questions. I took my Associate exam today and Passed! These practice exams were helpful during my study process. Highly recommend for those new to the Salesforce ecosystem.

  26. Hi Christine, The course guide, practice sessions are much helpful. Now I know what’s going to be in the Associate exam.
    For some reason I have trouble finding the main Associate exam link. I always find the course guide and trailheads links but not the main exam link.
    Really appreciate if you could share the Exam link . Thanks.

  27. I passed! Whoo-hoo!! Thanks for the content. I think the Kryterion Webassessor questions were a little more complicated than the practice tests. Also it would be good to have a little more coaching on Clouds/services. Not just NonProfit and Sales, but all the others as well. But overall good job on the course and thank you!

  28. Los cuestionarios han sido de gran ayuda para tener una idea más clara sobre cómo son realmente los exámenes y me ha permitido identificar en qué tópicos necesitaba profundizar el estudio. Estoy agradecida porque he incluido este contenido como parte de mi preparación y he podido pasar el examen.

  29. This is Perfect! The questions need to be revised somewhat, like the wording. I took the exam yesterday with only taking these practice exams and completing the Salesforce Associate Certification modules / Projects on Trailhead. Unfortunately, I got a 61% you need 62% to pass, I was 1 point away! I will be taking the Exam again tomorrow!

  30. Hi Christine,

    Thank you for providing this wonderful study course. It helped me to pass my Salesforce Associate exam and get my certification ! I look forward to getting more courses to help me prepare for my next exam – Salesforce Administration.

  31. Hi Chiristin, I got my certification, Tks a lot, this is an amazing guide, to star, 60% of the real question are in the exam, the other I got because my experience, I recommend this course. Learning the explanation of the answer, that’s the difference to success

  32. this was great training. the sample quizes and exams helped me see my knowledge deficiency areas (ecosystem, data model, navigation,etc) where i could dive deeper into those subject areas and sharpen up. i passed my Salesforce Certified Associate exam at first attempt !!

  33. Thank you very much Christine for your great help. I am happy to have achieved my Salesforce Associate certificate, with the Salesforce Ben internship courses. The truth is, the courses are excellent and help us update our knowledge to have better job opportunities.