Salesforce Field Service Consultant Practice Exams

3 full length + 8 topic level Salesforce Field Service Consultant practice exams.

Read Every Answer and Read It Twice

When taking the exam, pay particular attention to the question and read it through a few times. For the scenario-based questions, there will be clues in the answer that provide hints to the correct answer. Keep an eye out for keywords that would eliminate certain answers.

If you are taking the test onsite, you can use the pencil and paper provided to draw out a data schema, role hierarchy, or any other diagram that will help you visualize the answer.

Read Every Answer Twice

You should read every answer carefully and at least twice. It can be easy to skim the answers and accidentally choose the wrong answer because they look similar. 

Eliminate the Obviously Wrong Answers

When deciding on the answer, be sure to use the process of elimination to get rid of the answers that are definitely incorrect. Salesforce likes to throw in answers that are made-up features or just plain incorrect. They also like to throw in curveballs, such as features that appear to be correct but aren’t best practices. 

You can often disqualify these by focusing on standard Salesforce features that accomplish a task. For example, you could build a custom approval process with Flow Builder, but why do this when the standard Approval Process feature is available?

Mark for Review

You have a great tool at your disposal, the “Mark for review” feature. On each question, you will have a checkbox that you can mark so you can come back to the question easily later. This is great if you cannot think of an answer right at that moment or if you are unsure about your answer. We also include this feature in our practice exams!

Look for Clues That Might Help Answer Earlier Questions

As you move through the exam, you might come across questions and answers that help you identify the correct answer to an earlier question! 

Try to Go Through the Full Exam Twice

Keep the momentum going on your first pass through the exam – don’t dawdle over questions you have no idea about, and use the “Mark for review” feature heavily, then move on to the next question. This should allow enough time for you to go through the exam a second time. 

Stick With Your First Answer

If in doubt, stick with your initial answer. With the limited time available to you, if you don’t feel any more confident on your second pass through the exam, then stick with your original answer and move on. 

Use All Your Time

If you follow these tips, there’s no chance you won’t use all the time! Give yourself the greatest chance of success by carefully reading each question and answer and going through the exam twice.

Focus Your Studies Using Section-Level Scoring

At the end of each full practice exam, we provide section-level scoring. Pay attention to the areas you are scoring poorly (or lower than you would like) and focus your studies here.

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Joy Okere

I am an Independent Salesforce Consultant who works with Companies to adopt new or improve existing Salesforce Solutions. I have been in the Salesforce ecosystem for about 4 years and have acquired 10 Salesforce Certifications covering Field Service, Sales Cloud, CPQ, Marketing, Service and Admin Support. In these areas, I have performed end-to-end Implementation, Optimization and Support Services using best practice solutions customized to my Clients needs. In addition to configuration, I enjoy streamlining Processes, creating Documentation and End-User Training Presentations and Videos for my Clients. As an Analytics Professional, I have 15 years of experience in this field, working in various roles including Decision Support, Operational Analytics and Enterprise Analytics. My background and experience have been very valuable in translating Business Requirements into ideal Solutions for my Clients; bringing Business Operations and Systems together to productively achieve set goals on both fronts.

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  1. Hello Joy,

    I am taking this course, but I have found few errors.
    1- The review button does not work for me
    2- The completion % doesn’t update itself.
    3- QUESTION 6 OF 9 for Maintenance Plan options are incorrect, Option 2 and 4 are same.

    I will keep posting more as I come across.
    Thank you for putting this coursework. It is really helpful and conceptually covers everything to prepare for certification.

    1. Hi Pratik,

      Could you provide us with a bit more information? Which exam contains the question with an incorrect option?

      Which completion percentage are you referring to? The course or a specific quiz?

      In what way does the review button not work?

  2. Hi Joy,

    I took the Managing Resources quiz, and there’s a question where I chose the correct answer, but it marked it as incorrect. The explanation also confirms the answers I chose were correct. How can I send you the feedback?