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Accelerate your career, become job-ready, and stand out in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Ben McCarthy

Founder of SalesforceBen.com, Salesforce MVP & Author of Secrets to Building a Salesforce Consultancy.

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  1. LOVED this Course!!!

    I really enjoyed doing this course and wish I had something like this when I first looked at Salesforce in 2018. In confusion, I lost heart without giving it a real shot.

    Fast Forward a few years and a pandemic, I revisited Salesforce and I absolutely LOVE it.
    I used Christine Marshall’s Practice Admin Exams to help me pass my Admin Certification this year.
    The Ultimate  Salesforce Career Course answers so many questions which can frustrate people getting started.
    Not only that, this gives a breakdown of roles, career progression, a certification path to meet goals, guidance to Get Job ready and So much more!
    Expert knowledge for absolutely FREE!!
    Thank you Salesforce Ben Team.
    I recommend this Course to everyone getting started in the ecosystem and beyond!
    I definitely learned more about the platform.
    Good luck on the Trail.

  2. Being new to the Salesforce platform, this course helped me a lot to understand the different types of careers available. I’ve already get my first certification: the Administrator. The first challenge achieved .. and a lots to come!! so excited 🙂 a big thank you for the information that you shared

  3. Ben, a big “Thanks” to you an your team! Since the pandemic I have been searching where to apply my education and career knowledge. After watching your free course I am focusing on a career in Salesforce.

  4. This was an amazing course. I want to thank all of you for all the work you all put in and its for free. It has made many things clear and provided me with so much knowledge and tip. THANK YOU and I appreciate each one of you for giving back. You guys ROCK!

  5. THANKS to all SalesforceBEN team for making this bundle of great stuff
    overall course make great resources to start salesforce and ready for job awesome move by the BEN team, again THANKS for making this course.

  6. Loved this I work with a company that uses Salesforce platform but this gave me so much more insight on what Salesforce is and career wise. Next thing for me is to try pass the qdmin exam. Thank you so much ?

  7. Just finished this one. Outstanding course and full of really useful tips, activities and process steps to begin my Salesforce journey. I’ll be using this site as my base and the recommended resources interchangeably to ensure full coverage. Thank you for such an informative course…

  8. I really enjoyed taking this course. It was so detailed and it’s going to always serve as a reference for me. It is also a good foundation for beginners in Salesforce. I want to thank Salesforce Ben for this wonderful initiative.