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Welcome to the “Introduction to Salesforce Apex Course”! My name is Luke Freeland and I’ll be your teacher. You can read my bio at the end to learn more about me.


My vision is to allow anyone to become a full stack Salesforce Developer through the courses provided here at Salesforce Ben. This is the first course in the series. Apex is Salesforce’s programming language and the primary tool a Salesforce Developer uses to write custom Salesforce software.

This course is designed to teach you Apex from the ground up. No prior coding experience needed. Salesforce’s Trailhead, their free learning management software, is great for a lot of things but not at teaching Apex. Their Apex content assumes you’re already a developer and teaches existing developers how to develop on the Salesforce platform. For non-developers, it doesn’t teach them how to code. This course does!


By the end of this course, a student will know how to read and write fundamental Apex code. One will know how to use variables, operators, loops, collections, functions, and the basics of classes. These are broken up into multiple lessons with many examples and many exercises to reinforce one’s learning.

There is a lot to learn in Apex. This course covers the basics so the course isn’t too long and the learning too overwhelming. Other Apex courses will provide additional teaching so one can know how to write Apex Triggers, use Apex to insert, update, delete, and get records from the Database, and create more sophisticated software using object-oriented programming. We will not cover these topics in this course!

One should expect to take a few months to go through the material and fully comprehend it. This course is similar to the course I took in high school and it took me months to grasp the fundamentals.

About Me

Luke is a 15 x certified Salesforce Architect and full-stack developer who provides Salesforce technical consulting services out of his company, Metillium, Inc. He has been developing and creating custom Salesforce applications since 2011. He has done numerous custom applications using Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, Lightning Web Components (LWCs), Aura components, declarative tools and more. He also has done numerous integrations using the Salesforce APIs and other tools. He loves training others and skilling them up!