Migrate to Salesforce Flow Course

Everything you need to know for a successful Flow migration.
Andrew Cook · February 3, 2023

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Andrew Cook

Andrew is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. As a 12 x certified Salesforce Professional, he's passionate about using his vast experience working in various industries and using different products, to help people increase their knowledge of Salesforce.

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  1. Is their away to migrate an automation rule for add to campaign as a SF Flow using the Campaign ID as a hidden field in the form in order to add lead/contact to campaign?

    1. Hi Brian,

      I think this will depend on what the trigger for the automation rule is. If this is something that Flow Builder can handle then yes this should be possible.

  2. Well-written and very easy to understand. This would be perfect for someone who is about to tackle their first migration from Workflow Rules or Process Builder to Flow.

    If you’ve done a few migrations in the past, this might not add much to your tool belt. (I’d worked on migrations for 4 orgs before finding this course and wished I’d seen the WFR –> Flow and PB –> Flow templates before I’d started).

  3. Great course! Amazing content and love the bite sized learning. Thank you so much for the free content.

    Tiny thing for the next courses (Really hope there are some would love to see some cert courses in this format) please could you autocomplete sections when all sub-modules are done… you could use a record triggered flow ūüôā

  4. Did my admin cert recently, flow was a crazy jargon for me, now this course just made flow concept so interesting and easy to understand. Well done Andrew

  5. Great content, will plan to share this with some of my customers. In reality though please never ever hardcode IDs like shown in one of the earlier videos!